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Here’s what you get:

  • Fast Action Bonus: Copy + Paste Course Site (Value: $4000)
  • The Hands-On To Online Method (Value: $5000.00)
  • Accountability System (Value: $300/mo )
  • 7-Figure Part Time Practice Roadmap (Value: $750.00 )
  • Community Support (Value: PRICELESS!)

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • What is the time commitment for this program? This is a 12-month group program that includes access to the Hands-On To Online Method. There are monthly group Q&A and tech-support sessions. You can easily work through this program in 1-2 hours per week.
  • What if I don't have a program idea? Knowing which course idea to go ahead with can be a big hang-up!  That's why the program a very specific process of picking the right course idea in the Hands-On To Online Method. Picking the right course idea saves you a ton of time and frustration in the long run, so we want to help you make sure that you avoid that.
  • What does the program entail?  Phase 0 focuses on some initial groundwork and assessments. ​In Phase 1 you’ll begin refining your course idea and doing market research. You’ll learn exactly how to do this so that you pick the right course idea (aka one that people actually buy).  In Phase 2, you’ll enroll your first 10 students, and Phase 3 focuses on the actual creation of your program. Phase 4 and beyond are dedicated to refining your program for better results, improving sales conversions and increasing lead generation so you can really start scaling to the 6-figure revenue mark. 
  • ​​​What happens after 12 months? You will have two options after the first 12 months: 1. You can continue with the program, paying the same yearly or monthly rate OR 2. You can exit the program. Once you exit the program you will no longer have access to the program content, communities  1:1 Coaching, or group coaching. If you exit the program and decide to restart in the future, the fee would be at the current fee, not the amount from your initial enrollment period.
  • ​​Do I have lifetime access to the program content? You have access to the program content, the community, and other student benefits as long as you an actively enrolled student. If you choose to exit the program, you will no longer have access to the program content  1:1 Coaching, or group coaching.
DISCLAIMER Your results may vary. The results you experience are dependent on you doing the work, following the suggestions, and implementing the necessary self-care routines! If you follow along and do the work - you may see AMAZING results!
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